PhotoSound Technologies (PST) is a company specializing in development and commercialization of devices, electronic components, and algorithms for biomedical imaging. Our flagship 3D imaging platforms (TriTom) for in vivo preclinical research and drug discovery utilize tunable OPO laser technology for simultaneous spectrally-selective photoacoustic and optical excitation to create unparallel volumetric assessment of live organisms, organs, and tissues. We also develop electronic components for parallel data acquisition and a system that provides co registered photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging for biomedical research (MoleculUS). To learn more about the company, ongoing research, and the products, please, visit us at

Job Description

PhotoSound Technologies has an open full-time (40 hours per week) position for a Biomedical Instrumentation Sales Specialist to advance customer discovery, product awareness and custom projects from first contact to final close of sale. The position reports to the Chief Commercial Officer.


The duties and responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to…

  1. Customer discovery and validation
    • Finding new customers under guidance from the Chief Commercial Officer by using direct contacts and customer portals such as SciLeads, Bid Sync, Smart Procure, Research Gate and other scientific search engines
    • Entering and tracking customers using CRM tools
    • Validating and refining value propositions of PhotoSound products
  2. Sales & Marketing of Standard Products
    • Understanding the operation of PhotoSound products from communication with production team, practical training using products in-house and seminars, marketing material and product manuals
    • Explaining PhotoSound products to new and existing customers
    • Expediently responding to customer inquiries using phone, email, telecon or other communication methods
    • Processing purchase order paperwork required to start production
    • Scheduling follow-ups and reporting customer needs to the Chief Commercial Officer
    • Updating marketing materials and website product and application related content
    • Maintaining customer relationships through periodic inquires, product updates, changes and additions
    • Assisting with trade show booths in North America with occasional travel abroad as needed
    • Creating and sending out periodic email newsletters from maintained newsletter email lists
    • Any other task assigned by the Chief Commercial Officer as it pertains to sales and marketing
  3. Customer Interaction on Custom Projects
    • Research and discover new custom projects through partnerships and/or collaborations
    • High level discussions to understand and fulfill customer application needs
    • Report those needs to the Chief Commercial Officer and propose possible solutions
    • Address company concerns/modifications with customer until a go/no-go is agreed upon by all parties

Position Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in a related science or engineering field; U.S. citizen or permanent resident; relocation to Houston area; excellent interpersonal and communication skills; fluent English; ability and interest to travel in U.S. and abroad; desirable business development and/or assistance experience in a similar position

Compensation and Benefits

Starting salary is based on experience. No overtime compensation. Variable end of year bonus. 12 paid vacation days. 10 paid personal days (16 days after 5 years of employment). 10-12 paid holidays. Medical insurance or additional compensation option.

Please send your resume and references to: