Spherical-view photoacoustic tomography for monitoring in vivo
placental function

Authors: Kristie Huda , Chengxi Wu , Jaclyn G. Sider, Carolyn L. Bayer


Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tulane University, 500 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA, 70118, USA


Photoacoustic tomography has great potential to image dynamic functional changes in vivo. Many tomographic
systems are built with a circular view geometry, necessitating a linear translation along one axis of the subject to obtain a three-dimensional volume. In this work, we evaluated a prototype spherical view photoacoustic
tomographic system which acquires a 3D volume in a single scan, without linear translation. We simultaneously
measured relative hemoglobin oxygen saturation in multiple placentas of pregnant mice under oxygen challenge. We also synthesized a folate-conjugated indocyanine green (ICG) contrast agent to image folate kinetics in the placenta. Photoacoustic tomography performed at the wavelength of peak optical absorption of our contrast agent revealed increased ICG signal over time. Through these phantom and in vivo studies, we have demonstrated that the spherical view 3D photoacoustic tomographic system achieves high sensitivity and fast image acquisition, enabling in vivo experiments to assess physiological and molecular dynamics.


Kristie Huda, Chengxi Wu, Jaclyn G. Sider, Carolyn L. Bayer, Spherical-view photoacoustic tomography for monitoring in vivo placental function, Photoacoustics, Volume 20, 2020, 100209, ISSN 2213-5979