Legion Amp Webinar: Comparative Evaluation of a NIR-II Nanoparticle with and Without the Legion Amp

Date: December 7,  2021

Time: 09:00 AM (CST)

Comparative Evaluation of a NIR-II Nanoparticle with and Without the Legion Amp


The Legion AMP webinar series is hosted by PhotoSound Technologies Marketing Specialist’s Sarah Argo. In the first webinar of the Legion Amp Webinar Series, Sergey Ermilov (CEO), discussed the Legion Amp design, motivation, and benefits in relation to how it could optimize your research. Vinoin Devpaul Vincely, from Carolyn Bayer’s lab from Tulane University, shares a live demo of the Legion Amp along with his research to cover the Comparative Evaluation of a NIR-II Nanoparticle with and Without the Legion Amp.

  • Topics Covered:
    • Legion Amp design
    • Legion Amp motivation
    • Legion Amp noise measurements
    • Legion Amp variations
    • Objective of studies
    • Legion Amp demo
    • Results of studies

About This Product

The LEGION AMP is a high channel count, compact footprint preamplifier for integration with third party analog-to-digital converters; Boosting detection of small signals by +40 dB while minimizing background noise (high transmit voltages not supported).


About the Speaker:

Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.


Sergey Ermilov has been the company’s Chief Executive Officer since it was founded in 2015. He has deep and multilateral experience in entrepreneurship, startup development, business operations and strategy with domain expertise in Biomedical Imaging. In addition to his formal business education in Strategic Management, in 2014 and 2019 he was leading startup teams in the NIH I-Corps™ business training programs. His business duties at PhotoSound include executive leadership, strategic business development, and direct working with top clients and partners. As a current President of the Board of Directors at PhotoSound, he also leads strategic business operations, financing, and represents the company in all top-level negotiations. Having a PhD in Bioengineering and world-class scientific expertise in Biomedical Optics, Dr. Ermilov also leads the research instrumentation projects at the current startup phase of the company.

Vinoin Devpaul Vincely 

Ph.D Candidate | Biomedical Functional Imaging Lab

A Biomedical Engineering PhD student at Tulane University, passionate in developing effective imaging technologies to improve medical diagnostic capabilities. Eager to push the frontiers of human knowledge and apply it to better healthcare.