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PhotoSound Technologies, Inc. was founded in September 2015 in Houston, Texas USA to develop and commercialize new biomedical imaging technologies based on optics and photoacoustics. Photoacoustic tomography (PAT) is a biomedical imaging modality combining molecular sensitivity of optical probes with spatial resolution of ultrasound that is ideal for a multitude of applications that can be used for pre-clinical research. Using our skills to successfully translate the technology from its experimental form, we encompass the development of biomedical systems and associated software, including imaging instrumentation, complex electronic boards for data acquisition and control, transducers, sensors and tunable lasers.

Pre-Clinical Research

OEM Electronics

PhotoSound Technologies developed and patented a 3D imaging platform for in vivo preclinical research and drug discovery based on co-registered photoacoustic & fluorescence tomography (PAFT) technology. Providing techniques for imaging sensitivity, penetration depth, etcetera, a wide variety of application are being successfully explored.

OEM Electronics are designed specifically for use in photoacoustic or dual modality (PA +US) imaging. We provide simultaneous modular high channel count, data acquisition systems and more to help broaden the capabilities of your research. Custom units are available upon request.

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Join us at WMIC: World Molecular Imaging Congress!

Our application scientist Dylan Lawrence will be at WMIC: World Molecular Imaging Congress! Meet him, and our North American Distributor Scintica, at booth #312. They will be demonstrating the capabilities of our TriTom System. We invite everyone to join us as we...

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TED talk by our collaborator Lei Li

Congratulations to our collaborator, Lei Li, for his fantastic TED talk! This is a great introduction to #photoacoustic imaging and its capabilities. Photoacoustic Imaging is a #noninvasive and low risk technique that is transforming imaging in areas such...

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