Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.

Sergey Ermilov, Ph.D.


Sergey Ermilov has been the company’s Chief Executive Officer since it was founded in 2015. He has deep and multilateral experience in entrepreneurship, startup development, business operations, and strategy with domain expertise in Biomedical Imaging. In addition to his formal business education in Strategic Management, in 2014 and 2019 he was leading startup teams in the NIH I-Corps™ business training programs. His business duties at PhotoSound include executive leadership, strategic business development, and direct work with top clients and partners. As a current President of the Board of Directors at PhotoSound, he also leads strategic business operations, and financing, and represents the company in all top-level negotiations. Having a Ph.D. in Bioengineering and world-class scientific expertise in Biomedical Optics, Dr. Ermilov also leads the research instrumentation projects at the current startup phase of the company.

Hans Peter Brecht, Ph.D.


Hans-Peter Brecht, PhD (Biomedical Sciences) is a Chief Operating Officer at PhotoSound. He has been working and doing business together with Dr. Ermilov for 13 years and was one of the three NIH I-Corps team members in 2014. During his professional career, Dr. Brecht designed and engineered a variety of scientific instrumentation such as imaging systems, transducers, and optical and laser components. He is responsible for overseeing daily business operations (production, infrastructure, and HR) and due to his scientific and engineering expertise also implements mechanical and optical designs of the products. As a Board of Directors member, he participates in strategic business operations via monthly board meetings.

Peter Brecht, Ph. D.
Vassili Ivanov, Ph. D.

Vassili Ivanov, Ph.D.


Dr. Vassili Ivanov, Ph.D. (Physics), a company’s Chief Technology Officer is an expert in the development of parallel multichannel data acquisition and biomedical optical instrumentation. He co-invented and made the system design of a multimodality TriTom instrument, invented a power-saving technology for multi-channel thermoacoustic data acquisition, and an optimal, compact ultrasound-thermoacoustic technology. At PhotoSound he is responsible for electronics design, including data acquisition and control systems, and low-level computer interface.