ARC Card


PhotoSound is introducing the ARC Series PCIe QSFP+ receiver card. It can be used with our LEGION ADC256 R1.2 and LEGION ADC128-80 to speed up data transfer over USB3 limits and increase the working distance between the ADC and the receiving computer. It is a mandatory accessory for our Flash ADC16-125. ARC is available for preorder with delivery starting October 2024.


  • PCIe Gen4 x4
  • Two custom QSFP+ optical interfaces with GTP downlink (from ADC to PCIe card) and three uplink (from PCIe card to ADC) modes:GTP or Clock or LVDS (trigger). Each QSFP+ can be used with one Flash ADC16-126 or 1 or 2 or 4 LEGION ADCs
  • DDR4 260-Pin SODIMM memory buffer, single rank, 72-bit, 2400 MHz. Standard Micron MTA9ASF1G72HZ-3G2R1 8 GB, larger memory is possible
  • Trigger interface for use with Flash ADC16-126 (mandatory) and LEGION ADC128-80 (optional)
  • Synchronization interface for use of multiple ARC cards in the system