ARC Card


PhotoSound is introducing The ARC Series PCIe receiver card. It can be used with our LEGION ADC to speed up data transfer and increase the working distance between the ADC and the receiving computer. It is a mandatory accessory for our Flash ADC.  ARC is available for preorder with delivery starting April 2024.



PhotoSound PCIe receiver PC card with clock and trigger hub:

  • Mandatory for ADC16-125, optional for ADC256 R1.2 and ADC128-80 for data rates exceeding 3Gbps per ADC
  • 2x QSFP+ (custom configurations enabled) to PCIe Gen4 x4 bridge with DDR4 memory buffer
  • Clock and trigger out (for ADC128-80 and ADC16-125 only)
  • Electrical Trigger in/out with programmable delay (for ADC128-80 and ADC16-125 only)
  • Optical trigger input (for ADC128-80 and ADC16-125 only)