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Join us at WMIC: World Molecular Imaging Congress!

Our application scientist Dylan Lawrence will be at WMIC: World Molecular Imaging Congress! Meet him, and our North American Distributor Scintica, at booth #312. They will be demonstrating the capabilities of our TriTom System. We invite everyone to join us as we explore the possibilities of bridging biology and molecular imaging in Miami! Book a meeting with them here: Or email us with any questions you may have at

TED talk by our collaborator Lei Li

Congratulations to our collaborator, Lei Li, for his fantastic TED talk! This is a great introduction to #photoacoustic imaging and its capabilities. Photoacoustic Imaging is a #noninvasive and low risk technique that is transforming imaging in areas such as #cancer detection and treatment.   Watch his TED talk here: #researchanddevelopment #cancerresearch #collaborator

Distributor Spotlight! Nuohai Life Science(Shanghai)Co., Ltd

Distributors play a vital role in connecting manufacturers and customers. Our distributors expedite response times, and enhance our company’s reach worldwide! Introducing one of our many distributors, Nuohai Life Science(Shanghai)Co., Ltd, located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Nuohai Life Science was established in 2017 and obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualification in 2020. Headquartered in Songjiang Park, Caohejing Development Zone, Shanghai, with offices in more than ten...

recent publication from our customers at University of Illinois Chicago featuring our Legion AMP

As data acquisition systems develop into revolutionary systems, #research and #developers need sources that can provide the most optimization for their research. PhotoSound Technologies Legion AMP addresses these needs by delivering a high channel count data acquisition electronics optimized for #photoacoustic imaging. This recent #publication from our customers at University of Illinois Chicago features our Legion AMP! Read the paper below to learn more or

TriTom Explanation by Scintica

The TriTom is a platform that uses #Photoacoustic #Fluorescence #Tomography (PAFT) for whole-body #imaging and in vivo characterization of small #animal models. Click this link to learn how this system can push your science forward: Watch Scintica's short video over the TriTom system:   #preclinical #biotechnology #innovation #science #lifesciences PhotoSound Technologies, Inc

Distributor Spotlight! Tokyo Instruments, Inc. – 株式会社東京インスツルメンツ

Our distributors play a vital role in being able to connect to customers world wide! They help smoothly connect manufacturers and customers. Introducing one of our many distributors, Tokyo Instruments, Inc. - 株式会社東京インスツルメンツ, located in Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo. Tokyo Instruments Inc. grew from an import and trading company to a research and development type technology trading company with high technical capability. They now provide technical services such as manufacturing special experiment equipment...

Learn More About the TriTom through our TriTom Tutorial Videos

What is #photoacoustic tomography? Photoacoustic #Imaging is based on the photoacoustic effect where pulsed laser light is used to illuminate the tissue of interest. The pulsed laser light is absorbed which results in thermoelastic expansion. Pressure or sound waves are emitted and detected by wide band frequency transducers. These signals are then processed into high resolution volumes. PAT provides high spatial resolution at depth and okay sensitivity. Want to learn more about how...

New proceedings from SPIE over our product MoleculUS!

New proceedings from SPIE over our product MoleculUS! Click Here to Read MoleculUS is a dual-modality ultrasound and photoacoustic data acquisition unit that allows the simultaneous collection of ultrasound and photoacoustic channels sharing the same probe elements. The analog signal path of MoleculUS is split into PA and US paths. PA and US modes operate sequentially in time with support for US preview mode and continuous on-fly multiplexing between modes....

Our webinar page is now active!

Did you happen to miss any of our past webinars over our Legion AMP? PhotoSound now has our webinars in one easy accessible place! Check out our #webinar page on our #website where you can watch the recorded version of the webinar, view the information that was presented, read about the product, as well as learn more about our speakers. #researchanddevelopment #webinarmarketing #photoacoustic #research  

Publication featuring our Legion ADC from our partners at University of South Florida

New #publication from our partners at University of South Florida featuring our Legion ADC! Interested in learning more about the Legion ADC? Contact us at #research  #researchanddevelopment #photoacoustics #cerebralbloodvessels #learning #university Your document has finished loading   Click here to read the publication: Photoacoustic imaging for in vivo quantification of alcohol-induced structural and functional changes in cerebral vasculature in high...