Category: Applications

Custom Systems & Algorithms

PhotoSounds OEM Line of products is an ideal starting point for the development of custom systems where the parallel acquisition of multiple channels is required. All our ADCs are streaming and allow the continuous acquisition of data straight to the receiving computer for processing or storage. PhotoSound’s ADCs are feature-rich, they have multiple electronic and […]

X-Ray Acoustics

What is X-Ray Acoustics? X-Ray Acoustics is the conversion of pulsed X-rays into sound waves. The interaction of X-rays and tissue is weaker than that of optical light which allows for deep penetration. However, the same weak interaction is greatly reducing contrast. The long pulse duration of X-ray sources limits the spatial resolution of X-ray […]

Multimodal Imaging

What is Multimodal Imaging? Multimodal Imaging is the combination of two or more imaging modalities that leverage the strengths of each modality. Multimodal imaging enhances the anatomical, functional, and molecular information obtained in a single imaging session. PhotoSound’s Tritom imaging system utilizes the same short pulse duration OPO light source to generate the photoacoustic as […]

Cardiac Imaging

What is Cardiac Imaging? Cardiac Imaging is the use of medical imaging techniques to study the structure and function of the cardiovascular system, focusing on the heart. Photoacoustic tomography has been used to image the heart, blood vessels, and other parts of the cardiovascular system. PhotoSound Product Used Legion AMP Non-invasive photoacoustic computed tomography of […]

Tissue Engineering & Regeneration

What is Tissue Engineering & Regeneration? Tissue engineering is the process of creating new tissues and organs to replace damaged or diseased tissues. Photoacoustic tomography can be used to evaluate tissue regeneration and vascularization. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Photoacoustic Image-Guided Delivery of Plasmonic-Nanoparticle-Labeled Mesenchymal Stem Cells to the Spinal Cord MoleculUS A Combined Ultrasound and […]

Disease Monitoring

How does PhotoSound equipment aid with disease monitoring? PhotoSound imaging equipment has been developed to aid in the research of disease progression, using their abilities to generate highly sensitive and high-resolution anatomical images whether due to structural changes from Alcohol Use Disorder, monitoring vasoconstriction during hypothermia, or imaging neovascular formation in cancer, including liver and […]


What is Neuroimaging? Neuroimaging is the use of medical imaging techniques to study the structure and function of the nervous system, focusing on the brain. Photoacoustic tomography has been used to image the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the nervous system. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Monitoring Neonatal Brain Hemorrhage Progression by Photoacoustic Tomography […]

Anatomical Imaging

What is anatomical imaging? Anatomical imaging is used to visualize the structure and organization of tissues and organs within the body. Photoacoustic tomography generates high-resolution images of blood-rich tissues without the need for exogenous contrast agents. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Dual-Scan Photoacoustic Tomography for the Imaging of Vascular Structure on Foot Photoacoustic tomography to assess […]

Cancer Imaging

What is Cancer Imaging? Cancer imaging: In applications related to cancer, photoacoustic tomography has been used to noninvasively monitor tumor size, evaluate tumor metastasis, and detect the response to novel cancer therapies. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Water-Soluble Fe(II) Complexes for Theranostic Application: Synthesis, Photoacoustic Imaging, and Photothermal ConversionCo-registered photoacoustic and fluorescent imaging of a switchable nanoprobe […]

Contrast Agent Development

What is Contrast Agent Development? Photoacoustic contrast agents, such as indocyanine green (ICG), are used to enhance the visibility of specific targets within a subject and targeting to investigate specific molecular markers. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom In situ x-ray-induced acoustic computed tomography with a contrast agent: a proof of concept Biodegradable and biocompatible semiconductor nanocrystals […]