Disease Monitoring

PhotoSounds OEM Line of products is an ideal starting point for the development of custom systems where the parallel acquisition of multiple channels is required. All our ADCs are streaming and allow the continuous acquisition of data straight to the receiving computer for processing or storage.

PhotoSound’s ADCs are feature-rich, they have multiple electronic and optical trigger inputs as well as programmable outputs that allow the timing control of additional devices. It is possible to combine multiple ADCs in parallel. Simultaneous acquisition of 4096 channels has been realized routinely.

How does PhotoSound equipment aid with disease monitoring?

PhotoSound imaging equipment has been developed to aid in the research of disease progression, using their abilities to generate highly sensitive and high-resolution anatomical images whether due to structural changes from Alcohol Use Disorder, monitoring vasoconstriction during hypothermia, or imaging neovascular formation in cancer, including liver and heart disease.

High Alcohol Preferring Mice
Estimation and comparison of selected blood vessels between HAP mice and LAP mice. 

PhotoSound Product Used

Legion ADC

Photoacoustic imaging for in vivo quantification of alcohol-induced structural and functional changes in cerebral vasculature in high alcohol-preferring mice (HAP)