Multimodal Imaging

What is Multimodal Imaging?

Multimodal Imaging is the combination of two or more imaging modalities that leverage the strengths of each modality. Multimodal imaging enhances the anatomical, functional, and molecular information obtained in a single imaging session.

PhotoSound’s Tritom imaging system utilizes the same short pulse duration OPO light source to generate the photoacoustic as well as the fluorescence image which allows the fast generation of tomographic images in both photoacoustic and fluorescence modality.
MolceulUS allows co-registered photoacoustic and ultrasonic image acquisition from a single transducer. The system is capable of generating ultrasound images while sequentially capturing the low SNL broadband photoacoustic images.

multimodal imaging
Multimodal Images by the TriTom
Multimodal Images by the MoleculUS

PhotoSound Product Used


Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Platform Providing Co-Registered 3D Maps of Photoacoustic Response and Fluorescence

A preclinical small animal imaging platform combining multi-angle photoacoustic and fluorescence projections into co-registered 3D maps

Co-registered photoacoustic and fluorescent imaging of a switchable nanoprobe based on J-aggregates of indocyanine green

Legion AMP

Technical considerations in the Verasonics research ultrasound platform for developing a photoacoustic imaging system


A combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging platform for clinical research applications

Hybrid Photoacoustic Ultrasound Imaging System for Cold-Induced Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation Monitoring