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Multifunctional PtCuTe Nanosheets with Strong ROS Scavenging and ROS-Independent Antibacterial Properties Promote Diabetic Wound Healing

Author(s): Yaru Guo, Shuai Ding, Changshuai Shang, Chenguang Zhang, Menggang Li, Qinghua Zhang, Lin Gu, Boon Chin Heng, Shihan Zhang, Feng Mei, Ying Huang, Xuehui Zhang, Mingming Xu, Jiuhui Jiang, Shaojun Guo, Xuliang Deng, Lili Chen Abstract Nanozymes, as one of the most efficient reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging biomaterials, are receiving wide attention in promoting diabetic wound healing. Despite recent attempts at improving the catalytic efficiency of Pt-based nanozymes (e.g., PtCu, […]

Laser-Synthesized Germanium Nanoparticles as Biodegradable Material for Near-Infrared Photoacoustic Imaging and Cancer Phototherapy

Author(s): Iaroslav B. Belyaev, Ivan V. Zelepukin, Polina A. Kotelnikova, Gleb V. Tikhonowski, Anton A. Popov, Alina Yu. Kapitannikova, Jugal Barman, Alexey N. Kopylov, Daniil N. Bratashov, Ekaterina S. Prikhozhdenko, Andrei V. Kabashin, Sergey M. Deyev, Andrei V. Zvyagin Abstract Biodegradable nanomaterials can significantly improve the safety profile of nanomedicine. Germanium nanoparticles (Ge NPs) with a safe biodegradation pathway are developed as efficient photothermal converters for biomedical […]

The development of ionizing radiation acoustic imaging (iRAI) for mapping the dose deep in the patient body during radiation therapy

Author(s): Wei Zhang, Dale Litzenberg, Yaocai Huang, Kai-Wei Chang, Ibrahim Oraiqat, Scott Hadley, Eduardo G. Moros, Man Zhang, Paul L. Carson, Kyle C. Cuneo, Issam EI Naqa, Xueding Wang Abstract Ionizing radiation acoustic imaging (iRAI) provides the potential to map the radiation dose during radiotherapy in real time. Described here is the development of iRAI volumetric imaging system in mapping the three-dimensional (3D) radiation dose deposition […]

Toward in vivo dosimetry in external beam radiotherapy using x-ray acoustic computed tomography: A soft-tissue phantom study validation

Author(s): Hao Lei, Wei Zhang, Ibrahim Oraiqat, Zhipeng Liu, Jun Ni, Xueding Wang, Issam El Naqa Abstract Purpose: To study, using phantoms made from biological tissues, the feasibility and practical challenges of monitoring the position of the radiation beam and the deposited dose by x-ray acoustic computed tomography (XACT) during external beam radiotherapy delivery. Material and methods: A prototype XACT system […]

GPU-Accelerated 3D Volumetric X-Ray-Induced Acoustic Computed Tomography

Author(s): Donghyun Lee, Eun-Yeong Park, Seongwook Choi, Hyeongsub Kim, Jung-joon Min, Changho Lee, and Chulhong Kim ABSTRACT X-ray acoustic imaging is a hybrid biomedical imaging technique that can acoustically monitor X-ray absorption distribution in biological tissues through the X-ray induced acoustic effect. In this study, we developed a 3D volumetric X-ray-induced acoustic computed tomography (XACT) […]

Spatiotemporal Image Reconstruction to Enable High-Frame-Rate Dynamic Photoacoustic Tomography with Rotating-Gantry Volumetric Imagers

Author(s): Refik Mert Cam, Chao Wang, Weylan Thompson, Sergey A. Ermilov, Mark A. Anastasio, Umberto Villa ABSTRACT Significance Dynamic photoacoustic computed tomography (PACT) is a valuable imaging technique for monitoring physiological processes. However, current dynamic PACT imaging techniques are often limited to two-dimensional spatial imaging. Although volumetric PACT imagers are commercially available, these systems typically employ a rotating measurement gantry […]

Water-Soluble Fe(II) Complexes for Theranostic Application: Synthesis, Photoacoustic Imaging, and Photothermal Conversion

Authors: Maeva Delcroix, Dr. Anil Reddy Marri, Stéphane Parant, Dr. Philippe C. Gros, Dr. Mathilde Bouché ABSTRACT Significant effort focused on developing photoactivatable theranostics for localized image guided therapy of cancer by thermal ablation. In this context iron complexes were recently identified as photoactivatable theranostic agents with adequate biocompatibility and body clearance. Herein, a series of FeII complexes bearing polypyridine […]

Model-Based 3-D X-Ray Induced Acoustic Computerized Tomography

Authors: Prabodh Kumar Pandey; Siqi Wang; Leshan Sun; Lei Xing; Liangzhong Xiang ABSTRACT X-ray-induced acoustic (XA) computerized tomography (XACT) is an evolving imaging technique that aims to reconstruct the X-ray energy deposition from XA measurements. Main challenges in XACT are the poor signal-to-noise ratio and limited field-of-view, which cause artifacts in the images. We demonstrate the efficacy of model-based […]

Discrete Wavelet Transformation for the Sensitive Detection of Ultrashort Radiation Pulse with Radiation-Induced Acoustics

Authors: Rick Van Bergen, Leshan Sun, Prabodh Kumar Pandey, Siqi Wang, Kristina Bjegovic, Gilberto Gonzalez, Yong Chen, Richard Lopata, Liangzhong Xiang ABSTRACT Radiation-induced acoustics (RIA) shows promise in advancing radiological imaging and radiotherapy dosimetry methods. However, RIA signals often require extensive averaging to achieve reasonable signal-to-noise ratios, which increases patient radiation exposure and limits real-time […]


August 4, 2023 Author(s): Luis D. B. Manuel, Vinion Devpaul Vincely, Carolyn Bayer, and Kevin M. McPeak ABSTRACT Nanoparticles with high absorption cross sections will advance therapeutic and bioimaging nanomedicine technologies. While Au nanoshells have shown great promise in nanomedicine, state-of-the-art synthesis methods result in scattering-dominant particles, mitigating their efficacy in absorption-based techniques that leverage […]