The development of ionizing radiation acoustic imaging (iRAI) for mapping the dose deep in the patient body during radiation therapy

Author(s): Wei ZhangDale LitzenbergYaocai HuangKai-Wei ChangIbrahim OraiqatScott HadleyEduardo G. MorosMan ZhangPaul L. CarsonKyle C. Cuneo, Issam EI Naqa, Xueding Wang


Ionizing radiation acoustic imaging (iRAI) provides the potential to map the radiation dose during radiotherapy in real time. Described here is the development of iRAI volumetric imaging system in mapping the three-dimensional (3D) radiation dose deposition of clinical radiotherapy treatment plan with patient receiving radiation to liver tumor. The real-time visualizations of radiation dose delivered have been archived in patients with liver tumor under a clinical linear accelerator. This proof-of-concept study demonstrated the potential of iRAI to map the dose distribution in deep body during radiotherapy, potentially leading to personalized radiotherapy with optimal efficacy and safety.

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