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Discrete Wavelet Transformation for the Sensitive Detection of Ultrashort Radiation Pulse with Radiation-Induced Acoustics

Authors: Rick Van Bergen, Leshan Sun, Prabodh Kumar Pandey, Siqi Wang, Kristina Bjegovic, Gilberto Gonzalez, Yong Chen, Richard Lopata, Liangzhong Xiang ABSTRACT Radiation-induced acoustics (RIA) shows promise in advancing radiological imaging and radiotherapy dosimetry methods. However, RIA signals often require extensive averaging to achieve reasonable signal-to-noise ratios, which increases patient radiation exposure and limits real-time […]

Anatomical Imaging

What is anatomical imaging? Anatomical imaging is used to visualize the structure and organization of tissues and organs within the body. Photoacoustic tomography generates high-resolution images of blood-rich tissues without the need for exogenous contrast agents. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Dual-Scan Photoacoustic Tomography for the Imaging of Vascular Structure on Foot Photoacoustic tomography to assess […]

Cancer Imaging

What is Cancer Imaging? Cancer imaging: In applications related to cancer, photoacoustic tomography has been used to noninvasively monitor tumor size, evaluate tumor metastasis, and detect the response to novel cancer therapies. PhotoSound Product Used TriTom Water-Soluble Fe(II) Complexes for Theranostic Application: Synthesis, Photoacoustic Imaging, and Photothermal ConversionCo-registered photoacoustic and fluorescent imaging of a switchable nanoprobe […]