Cancer Imaging

What is Cancer Imaging?

Cancer imaging: In applications related to cancer, photoacoustic tomography has been used to noninvasively monitor tumor size, evaluate tumor metastasis, and detect the response to novel cancer therapies.

breast cancer illustration
Early detection of breast cancer matters

PhotoSound Product Used


Water-Soluble Fe(II) Complexes for Theranostic Application: Synthesis, Photoacoustic Imaging, and Photothermal Conversion
Co-registered photoacoustic and fluorescent imaging of a switchable nanoprobe based on J-aggregates of indocyanine green
Gold nanoparticles conjugated with DNA aptamer for photoacoustic detection of human matrix metalloproteinase-9

Legion ADC

High-speed three-dimensional photoacoustic computed tomography for preclinical research and clinical translation

Whole-Body Human Ultrasound Tomography
Radiation-Induced Acoustic Signal Denoising Using a Supervised Deep Learning Framework for Imaging and Therapy Monitoring

Y-Net: Hybrid Deep Learning Image Reconstruction for Photoacoustic Tomography In Vivo

Deep Learning Enabled Real-Time Photoacoustic Tomography System Via Single Data Acquisition Channel

Non-Invasive 3D Photoacoustic Tomography of Angiographic Anatomy and Hemodynamics of Fatty Livers in Rats

Size-Adjustable Ring-Shape Photoacoustic Tomography Imager In Vivo

Massive Parallel Ultrasound and Photoacoustic PC-Based System

Legion AMP

Dual-Modality X-Ray-Induced Radiation Acoustic and Ultrasound Imaging for Real-Time Monitoring of Radiotherapy

Real-Time, Volumetric Imaging of Radiation Dose Delivery Deep into the Liver During Cancer Treatment
Automatic Force-Controlled 3D Photoacoustic System for Human Peripheral Vascular Imaging