Molecular Imaging

What is Molecular Imaging?

Molecular imaging enables the visualization, characterization, and quantification of biological processes that take place at the cellular and subcellular levels.

Molecular Imaging
Cellular and Molecular Imaging

PhotoSound Product Used


Commercial Small Animal Imaging Could Aid Disease Detection

Indocyanine green dye based bimodal contrast agent tested by photoacoustic/fluorescence tomography setup

A preclinical small animal imaging platform combining multi-angle photoacoustic and fluorescence projections into co-registered 3D maps

Spherical-view photoacoustic tomography for monitoring in vivo placental function

Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Platform Providing Co-registered 3D Maps of Photoacoustic Response and Fluorescence

A 3D imaging system integrating photoacoustic and fluorescence orthogonal projections for anatomical, functional and molecular assessment of rodent models


A combined ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging platform for clinical research applications

Legion AMP

Real-time, volumetric imaging of radiation dose delivery deep into the liver during cancer treatment