Therapeutic Monitoring

PhotoSounds OEM Line of products is an ideal starting point for the development of custom systems where the parallel acquisition of multiple channels is required. All our ADCs are streaming and allow the continuous acquisition of data straight to the receiving computer for processing or storage.

PhotoSound’s ADCs are feature-rich, they have multiple electronic and optical trigger inputs as well as programmable outputs that allow the timing control of additional devices. It is possible to combine multiple ADCs in parallel. Simultaneous acquisition of 4096 channels has been realized routinely.

What is Therapeutic Monitoring?

Noninvasive imaging plays a critical role in the development of novel drugs by enabling safe, real-time evaluation of the systemic effects of therapeutic intervention in preclinical disease models.

therapy monitoring
These before and after images are from a mouse that had been administered a therapeutic agent that causes vasodilation. The change in blood vessel diameter over time is a metric of therapeutic response.

PhotoSound Product Used


Characterizing a photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging platform for preclinical murine longitudinal studies


Hybrid Photoacoustic Ultrasound Imaging System for Cold-induced Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation Monitoring

Legion ADC

High-speed three-dimensional photoacoustic computed tomography for preclinical research and clinical translation

Evaluation of ultrasound sensors for transcranial photoacoustic sensing and imaging

Automatic force-controlled 3D photoacoustic system for human peripheral vascular imaging

Radiation-induced Acoustic Signal Denoising using a Supervised Deep Learning Framework for Imaging and Therapy Monitoring

Legion AMP

Dual-Modality X-Ray-Induced Radiation Acoustic and Ultrasound Imaging for Real-Time Monitoring of Radiotherapy

Real-time, volumetric imaging of radiation dose delivery deep into the liver during cancer treatment